Scholarly Articles

  1. Approaching 50 Years: Title IX’s “Competitive Skill” Exception to the Prohibition on Single-sex Sports, 10 Mississippi Sports Law Review 153 (2021).
  2. Constitutional Landscaping: An Analysis of Occupational Regulations of Landscape Contractors in the United States, 58 South Texas Law Review 367 (2017).
  3. Exhuming the Privileges or Immunities Clause to Bury Rational-Basis Review, 60 Loyola Law Review 909 (2014).


  1. Utah must drop ban on boys in high school drill team, Salt Lake Tribune (March 15, 2023).
  2. High school harpists are not criminals, Pacific Legal Foundation (January 19, 2023).
  3. How a California tattoo artist beat public health officials who tried to deny her a permit, Foundation for Economic Education Stories (April 22, 2022).
  4. The University of Minnesota’s unlawful discrimination, National Review Online (December 10, 2021).
  5. The PRO Act’s “ABC test” fails American workers, The Hill (February 16, 2021).
  6. Planting flowers shouldn’t be treated as a crime, The Bulletin (Bend, OR) (September 4, 2020).
  7. California law unjustly and unconstitutionally restricts freelance journalists, The Hill (December 23, 2019).
  8. Indian Market’s exclusions are a pity, Albuquerque Journal (August 9, 2019).
  9. ‘Let them work’: Arizona bill to recognize out-of-state work licenses is welcome reform, Scottsdale Republic (March 1, 2019).
  10. Fight to keep boys off Minnesota dance teams is a losing battle, Minneapolis StarTribune (November 21, 2018).
  11. Bill to protect work licenses of student loan debtors is welcome development, The Hill (June 22, 2018).
  12. Bill to exclude American Indian artists is too restrictive, Columbia Missourian (March 15, 2018).
  13. Don’t punish people with delinquent student loans by revoking their work licenses, The Daily Signal (February 23, 2018).
  14. Licensing sign language interpreters is the wrong way to go for Idaho, Twin Falls Times-News (February 26, 2017).
  15. Supremacy Clause bars Oklahoma law, Journal Record (February 14, 2017).
  16. Time for North Dakota’s music therapy license to go, Grand Forks Herald (February 1, 2017).
  17. Time for North Dakota’s music therapy license to go, Fargo Forum (February 1, 2017).
  18. Why won’t Oklahoma let American Indian artists say they’re American Indian artists? Tulsa World (January 8, 2017).
  19. American Indian artist shows courage and principle, Indian Country Media Network (December 9, 2016).
  20. Under the Capitol dome, here’s how the connected get their way, The Patriot-News (March 24, 2016).
  21. Nevada’s anti-competitive laws hurt businesses, public, Reno Gazette Journal (January 13, 2016).
  22. Constitution protects us from “irrational” occupational licensing, Grand Forks Herald (January 9, 2016).


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